Friday, January 16, 2009

(Is it) the Thought that Counts?

“Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. I want to go, but I can’t.”

I heard this from an officemate just this morning.. my only reaction is..

As what one of our Pastors has shared during the “very powerful and igniting” Week of Fire”..

If you want it, no one can stop you from doing it! (well, it’s more beautiful in the Tagalog translation… “PAG GUSTO MO, WALANG MAKAKAPIGIL SA YO!”)

“I want to go to church, but I can’t..”

“I want to serve God, but I can’t.”

“I want to honor my parents, but I can’t.”

“I want to worship my Lord, but I can’t.”

“I want to obey His commands, but I can’t.”

“I want to win souls and make disciples, but I can’t.”

Besides, it’s the thought that counts..

What if God says…

“I want to save you, but I can’t.”

“I want to rescue you, but I can’t.”

“I want to heal you, but I can’t.”

“I want to forgive you, but I can’t.”

“I want to bless you, but can’t.”


Now what? Where will you go? Where do you run to?

Yes, the “thought counts”... but only if it would move you to ACT.. Nevertheless, the “thought” counts as NOTHING!

“Faith without deeds is DEAD!”

There is no reason why we cannot do something we want to do.. Unless God tells us “No”. God even tells us “We can do everything through Christ who strengthens us.”

When we go back to the Parable of the Talents, we recall that the master gave his servants talents. The first two used theirs and eventually got more in return as their “harvest”. The last one didn’t use his. He kept it. And what did his master tell him? “Oh you wicked and lazy servant!”

Here we can say that most of the time if not always, the phrase “I want to but I can’t” is just the voice of that spirit of laziness sneaking into our lives. Let us kill it before God tells us “Oh you wicked and lazy servant.” and throws us into the pit of eternal gloom.

So this I say.. “I want to so I will...”

I am deeply

humbled by His Majesty,



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Please know that for me, You are a Beautiful Woman of GOD

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